Distribution And Partnership


With over 10 years background of in the energy industry, BLUETTI is committed to providing the most reliable, smartest, and premium all-in-one sustainable power solutions for all kinds of off-grid life and power backup needs.

With continuous innovation, a self-surpassing spirit, and considerate customer service, BLUETTI’s products are recognized and favored by more and more customers all over the world.

We welcome distributors & wholesalers to join us. With the local warehouse in USA/Canada/Australia/Europe/United Kingdom/Japan/Singapore/Philip and more, fast logistics, local after-sales and drop shipping service, you will have no worries about sales.

The Benefits Of Joining Us

  • 1. Minimum order >5Pcs per model
  • 2. Drop Shipping
  • 3. Pre-sales consultation and after-sales service
  • 4. Wholesale price
  • Tips: For returns and exchanges, pls refer to our "Warranty & Return" policy.

Wholesale & Partership Inquiry:

  • Canada: sale-ca@bluetti.com
  • Mexico: service.mx@bluettipower.com
  • Middle East: sale-ae@bluetti.com
  • Asia: sale-asia@bluetti.com
  • Australia: sale-au@bluettipower.com