Bluetti 120W Solar Panel

$329.00 $399.00
  • Maximum power (Pm): 120W
  • solar cell: sunpower
  • Voltage at max power (Vmp): 19.8V
  • Cell efficiency: Current at max power (Imp): 6.06A
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 23.7V
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 6.66A
  • Operating Temperature: (- 10℃-+65℃)
  • Maximum System Voltage: 300V
  • Standard Test Condtion: Irrandiance 1000W/㎡,
  • Module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5
  • Dimension (unfolded): 415*1695mm/16.3*66.7in
  • Dimension (folded): 415*410mm/16.3*16.1in
  • Weight: 4.3kg/9.48lb
Why choose Bluetti SP120 solar panel?
  • It is 120W solar panel with cell: sunpower. The sunpower cell lamination (Transmittance 95-97%) is much better than PET material because it anti-scratch and durable. What is more, the efficiency is also much higher than PET material (Transmittance 88%).
  • It is 4 foldable design which make it more smaller, save much space.
  • The open circuit voltage is 23.7V, thus its conversion efficiency is much higher than other solar panel with low ocv (18-22V).
  • With 4*kickstand on the back of the solar panel, ensure it has the best angle for receiving solar light.
  • The length of the MC4 cable is 3 meters long.
  • Do not soak the solar panel in the water.

Permeable and splash-proof - made of hard-wearing Oxford fabric, durable like a backpack.

High performance - with high efficiency 23% more than 120 watt solar panel. Folded Dimensions: 16.3 * 66.7in, Unfolded Size: 16.3 * 16.1in

Save space - best alternative for permanent solar modules, MORE space on the roof of a motorhome to accommodate your belongings

High-quality components: From the Sunpower solar cells to the extremely practical plug-in system, the SP120 solar panel can be used with all Bluetti power plants

The Bluetti SP120 solar panel is compatible with Bluetti EB150, EB240 and AC50S. It has loops that make the connection more convenient.

Particularly light with a weight of only 4.3kg, which can be folded up for easy transport

  • What factors will affect the solar conversion rate?

    1. the strength of the sun light
    2. environment temperature
    3. the angle you place the solar panel
    4. the length of the solar cable

  • How many pieces of solar panel can be used on a power station?

    1.check the max. open circuit voltage
    2. the max. short-circuit current
    3. the max. power of the solar panel
    ☼Make sure the total max. value does not exceed the numbers in the specification when you connect several pieces in series or paralell.

  • Is it waterproof?

    Waterproof rating IP54. In order to maximize the lifespan of the solar panel, avoid to get it wet. Do not soak this solar panel into water or any other liquid. Do not expose this solar  panel to constant rain or snow.

  • What are the compatible MAXOAK / BLUETTI Models?

    Current compatible MAXOAK/ BLUETTi Models:

    AC20( 200Wh/120W power station)
    AC50(500Wh/300W power station)
    EB40(400Wh/300W power station)
    EB150(1500Wh/1000W power station)
    EB240(2400Wh/1000W Power Station)
    ☼To verify the compatibility with our future new product, please read the menu comes with the product, or contact us directly.

    ☼To verify the compatibility with devices that are not sold by our store, please contact the related seller.

  • What is the warranty?

    24 months warranty and lifetime 

Customer Reviews

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One of the best solar panels

Good quality

Works well

This solar panel is Portable&Foldable, charge my EB150 well.

it works

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx it works xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nice compact solar panel

This review for the SP120 solar panel is without testing as I purchased it to support my EB40 and AC50 Power Stations for remote camping and home power outages. At present, neither has occurred. Since I didn't want to wait on either, I will give an "out of the box" review at this time only and update when tested if possible.
To start, I can't say enough about Maxoak customer service. It started in 2018 with my purchase of the K5 cpap Power Bank for remote camping. Within hours of my Amazon purchase I was contacted by a Maxoak customer service person to make sure I would be sent the proper cable to match my particular cpap device. It has been that way with all my Maxoak devices. You have a question or a issue and they typically respond to your email within 24 hours.
I have been impressed by the innovative design and quality of the three Power Stations I own. The SP120 solar panel, out of the box, is the same. They boast 9.48lbs and that's exactly what it weighs. Nice, easy to carry handle when folded close and two quick release catches to open. In less than five minutes, this compact solar panel can be operational. The attached MC4 connector cables, are nearly 10 feet long, roll up and tidily fits in a zipper pouch on the front of the folded panel. I would recommend the addition of a cable clamp near the junction box so any strain on the cable stops at the clamp and not the junction box.
As an option to the kickstands are three heavy corded loops for hanging vertically when using the kickstands may not be convenient. My usual campsite, hanging on the side of my tent is much more practical. In the carry configuration, the kickstands neatly fold flat and velcro to the back of each panel. I would have preferred the quick release catches in this location but a minor issue in the overall picture.
Similar portable solar panels are not waterproof or say they are waterproof but do not specify to what limit. The SP120 lists a IP54 rating at the panel surface and a IP67 at the junction box. With the IP54 rating, don't set up in the rain but if caught in a shower, the solar panel surface is protected and the junction box is 100% waterproof.
Bottom line, if you're looking for a nice lightweight, compact, go anywhere solar panel that's compatible with all your solar rechargeable Maxoak devices, now and down the road, I think the SP120 is an excellent choice. I'm glad I made this purchase.

NOTE: A picture is worth a 1000 words. I had several pictures to add to this review but no option. Should consider adding this option.