BLUETTI AC50S 500Wh/300W Portable Power Station +1*SP120 SOLAR PANEL 120W

  • 【Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included】1*BLUETTI AC50S Solar Power Station (500Wh/300W) and all the accessories and 1 pcs 120W foldable solar panels and all its accessories.
  • 【BLUETTI AC50S Power Station】500Wh/300W Portable power station with a wide 14V-40V(Max), Max 120W, 10A Max. solar Input, MPPT, allowing recharge from AC wall outlet and solar panel. Two 120V AC outlets (Continuous 300W, pure sine wave) can load Max. 300W devices continuously.
  • 【BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel】It’s made of high qualified Sunpower monocrystalline silicon cells which are 5% higher efficiency than traditional monocrystalline. It features ETFE lamination thus has better light transmittance, is more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean by wet cloth. Foldable design with handle weighs only 9.48lbs. Convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption.
  • 【Solar Recharge time】1pcs BLUETTI 120W solar panels can quickly charge BLUETTI AC50S about 5.5-6 hours,The charging time are affected by many factors: such as the light intensity and the panel's angle put on the ground.
  • 【Warranty】BLUETTI ensure our customer 24 months warranty for the AC50S power station and the solar panel from the day of the purchase.
  • MAXOAK Bluetti AC50S is a 500Wh lithium Portable Power Station, smaller, lighter design, No Gas & No Fumes. A way cleaner, safer and quieter alternative to gasoline backup generators.
  • It is an ideal emergency power backup for RV outdoors, camping or hurricane and other power outage situations.
  • You can have your small household appliance like a TV, mini-fridge, LED light, drone, camera, laptop, CPAP, router, smartphone, tablet charged.
  • The AC50S is regulated 12V DC Output, run your 12V appliances without reduction.
    • Color: Blue,Orange, Grey
    • Capacity:500Wh (45Ah, 11.1V)
    • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm, DC: 42V/90W, OCV: 12V~40V /MAX.10A
    • AC Output: 120V, Max.300W (peak 450W, overload capability 300W≤load<450W@120S; 450W≤load@1s;)
    • Wireless charging: 10W
    • Car Port: DC 12V/9A
    • USB Outputs: 1*PD 45W USB-C (5-20V), 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V2.25A
    • Solar Charge Mode: MPPT, MPTT Efficiency: 99.5%
    • Size & Net Weight: 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs.
    • LED lighting (half-bright, full bright, and SOS flashing)

    You can charge two AC-powered devices at the same time. The US standard AC outlet is much safer than other non-US standard outlets. Tips: it can power max. 300w small appliances, for 300w< power <450W, it can last 120s. We built-in pure sine wave inverter, its stable electricity is safer to charge our devices like laptop, CPAP, camera, drone, TV and more.

    MPPT solar charge mode has a much higher charge efficiency: 99.5%. You can choose the compatible solar panel to recharge the power station whenever there is enough sunlight, charge time depends on the strength of the sunlight and the power (watt) of the solar panel. (Solar panel is not included).

    Besides common 5V USB output to charge our daily used device like a smartphone, tablet, etc. We add a 10W wireless charging function, no need to take wires along, enable your devices to charge wirelessly. Save you much time and convenient for outdoors.

    It is portable and lightweight, size 11.6*7.5*7.7inch, and weighs only 13.6lbs. Our foldable handle design is for more space-saving consideration, you can fold it when you do not use it, and the foldable handle is easy to carry around on the go.

    LED lighting has three modes: full bright, full bright, and SOS flashing. You can switch it by one press the led lighting button, it is designed for outdoor illumination and emergency help. The led illumination light is soft and broad at night, better protect your eye.

    1*MAXOAK BLUETTI Portable Power Station (500Wh/300W, 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs), 1*AC Adapter&Cable, 1*Cigarette Lighter Cable (Cigarette Port to DC7909 Connector Male), 1*MC4 Cable (MC4 Connector to DC 7909 male), 1*USB Type-C Cable, 1* Carry Bag, 1*User Manual, 1*Warranty Card.

    • How to choose the solar panel & what is the recharge time?

       we recommend to choose solar panel that meets below:

      1) open circuit voltage between 14-40v(OCV,open circuit voltage), Max.120W, Max.10A

      2) MC4 Connector (if your solar panel has an anderson connector, you need to buy a anderson to mc4 charging cable)

      Note:total OCV below 14V or above 40V will trigger low-voltage/over-voltage protection. AC50S only receive 120W/10A(Max.) if total input power /current exceed 120W/10A.

      The recharge time various from different factors such as weather condition, the actual input solar power, temperature, angle, etc.

    • How many solar panels can i connect to the BLUETTI AC50S?

      we suggest to connect 1pcs SP120 120W solar panel.

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