BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/1000W Portable Power Station

  • $500 Discount Code: EB240500
  • Highlights:
    • Huge Capacity and load: 2400Wh/1000W (Max.), overload capacity: 1000W ≤load< 1200W @2Min; 1200W≤load @1s.
    • Built-in Top-Brand Lithium Polymer battery cell, reliable and safe assured.
    • All-in-1 power station with various outputs: 2*AC outlets for most household appliances under 1000W, 1*DC12V for car-powered devices, 1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C devices, 4*5V3A(Max) USB.
    • AC/Solar recharged: it takes about 12hrs to be fully charged by the AC wall outlet. Charge time varies on the solar panel (higher power of the panel, shorter charge time)
    • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/200W, OCV 16V~68V /MAX.10A.
    • MPPT highefficient solar charging.
    • Regulated DC12V.
    • Pure sine-wave.
    • Battery management system (BMS), Multi-protection, moresafeguards.
    • Size&net weight: 19.4*6.5*14.4inch, 48.5lb.
    • 2 years warranty.
  • EB240 is a HUGE CAPACITY portable power station with a lithium ion battery capacity of 2400Wh (Li-ion battery cell, 101,351mAh/14.8V (equivalent to 405, 405mAh 3.7V)), 1000W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge (Max.45W), and Two ways of recharging (solar / wall). Unlike other small capacity power stations, it has a broader capacity and can charge higher power devices like electric drills, hairdryers, blenders (make sure the max. of your device is no more than 1000W). Once fully recharged the power station EB240, the huge capacity 2400Wh ensure your device has a much longer charge time, no need to recharge it time and time again.

  • A pre-installed MPPT in the BLUETTI EB240 allows up to 40% faster charging speed from the solar panels.

    MAXOAK BLUETTI EB240 has a built-in MPPT controller,no need other controller.
    Recommended Solar Panel: BLUETTI SP200 200W solar panel or BLUETTI SP120 120W panel ,We won't responsible for the conversion from third-party solar panels.

    We use the top brand lithium-ion battery cell, it has longer life time(over 2000+), and higher discharge rate, better heat dissipation. We built in BMS(battery management system), it has over-load/ over-current/ over-temperature/ over voltage/ low-voltage/short circuit protection.

    Although it has high load capability, make sure to check the rated/instant start-up power of your device, make sure it does not exceed 1000W, otherwise our EB240 will turn off for overload protection. Load capability: Continuous 1000W. Overload capability: 1000W≤load<1200W last for 120S; 1200W≤load, shut off after 0.5s

    The cooling fan will start if it meets one of the below: 1. A load of inverter exceeds 400w. 2. A load of the 12V cigarette lighter socket exceeds 100w. 3. The charging power of the attached appliances exceeds 250W.

    EB240 has 2400 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, adventurers, campers, RV’ers, Van lifers, liveaboards, and ocean anglers.

    1*Portable Power Storage (EB240), 1*200W AC Wall Charger, 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC4), 1*User Manual, 1*Certificate of Qualification.

    Customer Reviews

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    Bluetti EB240 2400Wh/1000W

    A necessity for camping, daily use & emergency situations

    I ordered this EB240 in June and so far I'm very happy with my purchase.
    1000W is more than what I need for my type of camping.
    It can ran my space heater for over 1 hr. or more if I do it intermittently.
    EB240 is an amazing tool. Whether it be for daily use or emergency situations. It's always good to have a backup power supply on hand.

    Hugh Tet
    great for camping

    Easy to use great for camping and other outdoor activities

    worth to buy

    Purchasing it for home emergency backup power. Works great

    Great products

    Working great. Hold charge really well and very useful during blackout.